Product Description

Fundamental Five is a comprehensive set of premium quality cosmetics brushes, offering multi-functional usage. The set comes in a beautifully designed box which includes BRUSHWORK’s favorites from the classic collection with a few brushes exclusively available.

The set features:
I.VI The Universal Foundation Brush (Exclusive for Fundamental Five)
I.V The Concealer Brush
II.II The Blush Brush (Synthetic Edition - Exclusive for Fundamental Five)
V.I The Shadow Applicator
IX.I The Brow Shaper

I.VI The Universal Foundation Brush
The true multi-purpose brush, made from premium synthetic bristle. This brush can be used with any type of foundation using minimum effort for flawless result. BW I.VI is an evolution from Brushwork’s iconic BW I.I The Ultimate Liquid Foundation Brush, to give an even more precise application.

I.V The Concealer Buffer
The precise round cut bristle shape makes this brush a perfect concealer applicator as it can access hard to reach areas. The brush can also act as precise contour applicator on the nose.

II.II The Blush Brush [Synthetic Edition]
Made from premium synthetic bristle, the brush is extremely gentle and suitable for all skin types.

V.I The Shadow Applicator
The bristle is made from Japanese Sable. The shape mimics the shape of a fingertip and is gentle on sensitive skin such as eyelids.

IX.I The Brow Shaper
Made from the finest cut of Pahmi hair, with a firm angular shape it gives you extreme pinpoint control to shaping your perfect brow.


Fundamental Five Box Dimension: 6.5” (W) x 1.75” (D) x 9” (H)