Our Materials & Inspiration

Japanese Heritage & Aesthetics

The influence of traditional Asian art of brushwork has spread across Europe and America. However, the finest quality in material selection and delicate craftsmanship of one nation is an exemplary example of perfection. BRUSHWORK® artistry is inspired by the ever beautiful Japanese culture. We take pride that our brushes are designed by a group of Japanese brush masters, cultivating more than 100 years of experience combined.

Each natural hair is selected from the best sourcing and each synthetic hair iscreated with non-contest durability that mimics natural hair to precision in mind. All BRUSHWORK® brushes are handmade and go over several quality control procedures, ensuring a flawless make up application, every time.

The Japanese Bristle Layering Craftsmanship

The bristle layering skill takes years to perfect, and our production team is well over qualified through extensive training and countless hours of effort. The thin layer of bristles is carefully laid out and embraced in a smooth circular motion, leaving the bristle firmly, yet finely packed. This process repeats until the brush is of the desired shape and reach exact dimension specification.

The beauty of Japanese traditional craftsmanship is now slowly becoming obsolete with a replacement of machinery. BRUSHWORK® values the Japanese artistry and the dedication of brush masters, keeping the tradition alive by producing the best quality brushes is the principle our brand values.